TUCSON (KVOA) – For students struggling to pay tuition, a sudden offer of a grant or scholarship can look like a dream come true. But it could be bait for a scam. This con hooks victims with the promise of money, but upfront “fees” never actually materialize into those much-needed funds. In a more recent twist, these scammers claim to help with student loan forgiveness.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) recommends caution when dealing with companies that offer assistance in finding financial aid opportunities. Students and their families should be wary of websites, seminars, or other schemes that promise to find scholarships, grants, or financial aid packages for a fee.

How the Scam Works:

Scammers typically claim to represent the government, a university, or a nonprofit organization. The details vary, but the con is the same. Using words like “National” and “Federal” to sound more official, the…

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