Bastion Balance Korea Review

In the world of wealth management and financial business, companies or entrepreneurs must always be attentive when it comes to the latest and most accessible ways to handle issues inside and outside the corporate firm.

An example of a vital and distinctive terminology in the financial business field is asset management, which deals with managing the tangible and intangible receipts from their clients.

Moreover, any employee in any wealth management company who’s flexible enough can be an asset manager.

Still, often when the handling of assets would need a hand, companies would come to the aid of asset management centered business to help out; luckily, Bastion Balance Korea can provide the answer to all business problems.

Overview of Bastion Balance, Seoul Korea

Bastion Balance Seoul Korea Review


Bastion Balance Korea is a wealth management company located in Namdaemun-ro, Jun-gu, Seoul.

It solely focuses on providing professional experience, technology, and personal relationships regarding global business-related services.

Furthermore, Bastion Balance Seoul delivers excellent customer service on asset management from various investors across the globe.

This wealth management company has gained the trust of 89 investors of different nationalities.

With over 1.78 million secured client assets handled under their care, this wealth management company continues to prosper along with the number of investors such as individuals, families, and organizations that rely on their asset management and portfolio services.


Bastion Balance Seoul promises to attend clients with a mission that does not disappoint.

1. Above all else, protect client assets.

Protecting client assets as their number one priority gives clients the 100% clean slate assurance from a wealth management company that handles confidential data and business assets that are highly valued.

2. Treat every client and staff member with dignity and respect.

Bastion Balance also treats every single client with respect and dignity, as the company values the relationship made built from professional and mutual respect.

3. Generate above average, risk-adjusted returns.

They generate above average, risk-adjusted returns so that clients wouldn’t have to worry about the security of their investments.

4. Leverage technology to improve communication and trade execution.

Leverage technology is also offered by Bastion Balance for a successful, improved, and clear communication and trade execution to aid entrepreneur clients in the fastest way possible.

5. Secure access to higher-return investments.

A company that offers asset management services, security is also a top priority that clients would ask for.

Bastion Balance delivers a high maintenance security access on higher-return investments such as IPOs and private placements that can discuss more once contacted by the company.

6. Provide employees with an equal opportunity meritocracy.

Bastion Balance also provides employees with an equal opportunity that does not focus on status.

Instead, the company emphasizes on progress made through abilities and talents employees have contributed to the company’s growth and successes.


Bastion Balance receives numerous positive feedback from their clients, with high-quality services they offer to maintain a substantial investment that comes with their client’s long-term goals.

These are all achievable with how hands-on the company serves as a wealth management company.

Enunciating the goals of each client is the first step in establishing one’s investment plan.

Bastion Balance can clarify the client’s road map goal and how to make it there.

Furthermore, Bastion Balance has confidence in providing clients with top-notch security and preservation of investments in the long run.

The company also has team departments that serve to create, protect, and guarantee a suitable investment for a client portfolio.

Those are only one of the few remarkable facilities that Bastion Balance Seoul has to offer.

There’s a whole lot more once you make your first transaction with the company.

Overall, the company continues to provide its investors with superb customer services and business negotiations.

Millions of individuals, companies, and families have kept to place their trust and shared accomplishments of growth with Bastion Balance Korea.

Bastion Balance FAQ

Do you provide discretionary account management services?

Yes. Discretionary accounts are available to clients with minimum US$500,000 assets under management, or family accounts combined to US$1,000,000.

How do I pay for your services? How are you compensated?

Regular portfolios are commission based. Discretionary accounts are fee-based. Non-discretionary accounts in excess of US$500,000 have the option to choose.

Are my investment returns guaranteed?

No. We mark long-term progress against historical results, and do regular reviews to ensure investment goals are consistent with your life, and investments are meeting your needs.

What services do you provide?

We provide holistic wealth management. This can include financial planning, portfolio management, retirement and estate planning, and tax sheltering strategies.

How would you describe a typical Bastion Balance client?

We welcome everybody. Individuals, families and organizations. Our advisors work with clients across a broad wealth spectrum.

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