On Thursday, June 17, Axios’ technology and business reporter Kia Kokalitcheva and climate and energy reporter Andrew Freedman hosted an Expert Voices roundtable on sustainability and the circular economy.

Katherine Lugar, President and CEO of the American Beverage Association, discussed cross-sector collaboration, and how the beverage industry is working to remake containers as a key part of their sustainability model.

  • “Real progress can be made when the private sector, NGOs, and government work together on meaningful solutions to societal challenges. The Every Bottle Back [program]really demonstrates our willingness to…help get our aluminum and plastic containers back and remake them into new ones.”

Rep. Joseph Morelle, the representative for New York’s 25th congressional district, highlighted remanufacturing as part of a multi-pronged approach to dealing with the existential threat on climate change.

  • “[Remanufacturing] takes…

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