Dear Amy: “Sophie” is a very close friend. I love her dearly. We have had a couple of difficult conflicts over the years but have always recovered.

I vowed that I would never hire Sophie as my realtor because of how it would affect our friendship, but I didn’t discuss this with her.

Recently, I put my home on the market, and against my better judgment, I asked Sophie to be my agent. Within 10 days, I realized that working with her was a bad decision. She did give me some advice about staging my home, and also sent me listings for places to rent.

We had not yet signed the contract when I told her that I loved her dearly and that she might even be the best realtor for me, but that the stress would not be healthy for our friendship.

She told me I was disloyal, abusive, that she had never had anyone in her career do something so cruel to her. She said I was not being truthful.

I asked her how I could make it up to her and she told me…

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