About 42 percent of people in Argentina live below the poverty line amid an economic downturn worsened by COVID-19.

Tens of thousands of Argentinians have protested across the country over poverty and unemployment as an economic crisis worsened by the coronavirus pandemic continues to hit residents hard.

Organisations working with the unemployed and left-wing groups led a protest in the capital, Buenos Aires, that started at a church where thousands of pilgrims travel each year to pray at the shrine of San Cayetano, the patron saint of work, whose feast day is Saturday.

It ended at the Plaza de Mayo, an enormous square in front of the seat of government where protests usually take place.

“I come on behalf of people who do not have work: my brother, my neighbours and many people who you see really struggling everywhere,” Nestor Pluis, a 41-year-old educational assistant, told the Reuters news agency.

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