(Bloomberg) — Argentines cast their ballots Sunday in midterm elections where the ruling coalition stands to lose power in congress to a reinvigorated opposition amid faster inflation and growing economic troubles.

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Voters will pick half of the lower house seats and a third of the senate, in an election that will act as a crucial test for the government’s fragile unity. Argentina faces a complex negotiation with the International Monetary Fund over more than $40 billion in loans, with the crisis-prone economy drifting through 50% inflation, 40% poverty and no access to international debt markets.

“Doors are closing in, the problems keep getting bigger, the costs to resolve those problems keep getting bigger and as always nobody wants to pay those costs,” Marina Dal Poggetto, director of Buenos Aires-based consulting firm EcoGo, said. “Incomes are worsening, poverty is rising — it’s a social time…

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