Mary had just driven her brand new 1984 VW Rabbit Cabriolet convertible across the Southern Pacific Railroad crossing on Sixth Street in Lincoln.

It is one if those “hump” style rail crossings. You need to slow down as you cross or else you will get a severe jar and the entire car will rattle.

If you are a low rider and fail to ease over it, you will bottom out. If you are channeling Starsky & Hutch you can catch air if you go much faster than 25 mph.

I turned to my sister as she continued driving.

“Too bad you don’t treat mom’s car that way,” I said.

She asked what I meant.

I pointed out that she crossed the tracks as if she was concerned about damaging her car as opposed to when she drove our mom’s 1970 Chevy Caprice. She wouldn’t slow down causing passengers to feel like they were in a bumper car at Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

She looked toward me a tad quizzical

“It’s amazing how you treat things differently when…

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