Gov. Andrew Cuomo (Getty, iStock)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was once lauded for his ability to see several steps ahead. It’s hard to find those news clips now, buried under search results from his sexual harassment scandal. How, then, did he miscalculate so badly by trying to hold on?

The governor is finished. The latest nail in the coffin was victim Brittany Commisso’s interview on “CBS This Morning” Monday. Impeachment requires just 76 of 150 votes in the Assembly, but a tally today would likely be unanimous, or nearly so. Conviction by state senators and Court of Appeals justices needs 46 of 69 votes — also a given. Yet Cuomo did not see this coming.

Cuomo’s foresight was overstated to begin with, judging from his having to shut down his own Moreland Commission when it began investigating his donors. But this time his vision was clouded not just by hubris, but by what he considered a lack of satisfactory alternatives to…

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