If there’s an advantage to buying things online, it largely comes down to convenience in one or more forms. That could mean price, that could mean speed or that could mean a relatively smooth purchasing experience. Buying something online should not, as a rule, involve heated arguments, online harassment or doxing. And yet…sometimes it does.

Writing at The New York Times, David Segal has the story of a few customers who had a terrible experience with an online eyeglasses retailer. Complicating matters somewhat? Certain details of those customers’ experience reminded Segal of an earlier online eyeglasses retailer — one whose proprietor ended up spending time in prison.

One of the customers Segal spoke with, Samin Beringer, bought a pair of what were ostensibly Chanel sunglasses from the website Eyeglassesdepot for $322. The glasses she received appeared to be something other than the genuine article, and Berninger returned them…

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