Financial markets have had a wild ride so far in 2022, with dramatic swings in both stocks and cryptocurrency values;  the specter of inflation casting a pall over the broader U.S. economy; and now Russia’s invasion of Ukraine leading to acute geopolitical tension as well as short-term plunges in the stock market. And while investors have always leaned on residential property—particularly in New York City—as a stable cornerstone in any well-balanced portfolio, this volatile moment may be creating a particular incentive for affluent buyers to move more of their holdings into real property.

“It’s a huge topic of conversation among the higher-net-worth buyers we’re working with,” said Josh Doyle, a broker and head of The Doyle Team at Compass in New York City. “Inflation is a major concern.”

Financiers flocking to property in tumultuous times is hardly a brand new phenomenon. 

“Real estate has been acting…

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