SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Americans are losing more money in phone scams than ever. The figures are hard to absorb, i.e. almost $30 Billion was lost in the last year by about 59 million Americans. Average losses amounted to $500 per person, up from $350.

“There’s no longer telemarketers, they’re literally fraudsters. They’re shaking people down for larger and larger amounts of money and they’re not the folks who can afford to lose $500 dollars, such as seniors,” says Clayton LiaBratten from Truecaller which did the report in conjunction with the Harris Poll.

“A lot of people are falling for this because these criminals are very, very clever,” says LiaBratten.

The report says that about 20 percent were scammed more than once.

Tom Stephens from the Better Business Bureau says “there’s a common theme to most all of these scams and that’s impersonation. They’re either going to impersonate a…

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