ST. LOUIS — A new climate-friendly snack brand is aiming to remove greenhouse gases from the air. 

Oat Clouds are the first product from Airly Foods, part of Bright Future Foods LLC, a subsidiary of Post Holdings, Inc. Available in cheddar, sea salt, chocolate and salted caramel varieties, the snack crackers are made with wholesome grains and oats. Each 7.5-oz box removes 18 to 21 grams of CO2 from the air, said Jennifer McKnight, co-founder and chief marketing officer at Airly.

“Today, roughly 25% of greenhouse gases come from the global food supply,” Ms. McKnight said. “When we started, we asked ourselves, what if instead of just trying to be ‘less bad,’ we could actually use food to help reverse climate change?”

The brand connected with scientists and farmers to grow its oats on zero CO2 emissions farms. It also purchases carbon credits to offset any footprint from its minimally processed production and transportation…

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