AIB customers have reported receiving texts seemingly from AIB themselves stating that there have been suspicious transactions on their card and to click a link for more details.

This text appears in a previous thread of legitimate messages from AIB, where the bank sends confirmation numbers in order to confirm it is you making an online purchase. The fact it seemingly comes from a legitimate AIB number has fooled customers into believing the text is real.

The text reads: “A suspicious transaction was made today with your AIB Visa Card. Visit to view entire message.”

However, when the customer clicks the text link, it asks for account and bank information, and it is a well constructed scam.

A spokesperson for the Gardaí told RSVP Live: “An Garda Síochána wish to warn members of the public of smishing/vishing/phishing fraud. The most prevalent types are purporting to be from your bank, or other financial institution, where…

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