Minister of Rural Industries, Cottage Industries, M. Anbarasan has said that action would be taken against anyone involved in the Pulianthope building scam, and the persons will be listed out soon. The Pulianthope construction issues are talked over by sprouting controversies.

During the last AIADMK regime, Chennai Pulianthope KP park was under the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board. And now, the apartments built in the park are currently in controversy. The walls, steps, door, and even the cement coating are not properly done at the same time the huge construction was built soon.

New flats were built here on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Housing Board as an alternative home for people living in huts and those who were already staying in the old hut. But these houses were not of proper quality, and there were complaints that the houses were so bad that the cement coatings would fall off within two weeks of the houses…

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