I have (or, I should say, “had”) a wealthy benefactress who gave me money six years ago as a gift.

Now her financial situation has changed (she’s down to her last several million) and she texted me last week that she would like the money she “provided” (her words) back — adding that I won’t have to pay interest, “if that helps.”

My partner had five strokes

Nine years ago, I had several tough life scenarios that blindsided me. My partner broke his neck and suffered five strokes, and I became a full-time caregiver.

Additionally, my adult child developed serious, incapacitating mental illness and came to live with us, placing intense strain on me personally.

Although I operated on a tight shoestring budget, I was at the beginning of starting a new business. I actually worked two outside jobs to fund the business and carry the financial obligations of my entire household. I was getting by, but definitely not what…

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