There’s a new warning for parents expecting payments from the Child Tax Credit this month as scammers target the upcoming checks.

Qualifying parents can expect payments starting July 15 through December 2021 as part of the Child Tax Credit Advance program given to parents through the American Rescue Plan Act. 

The monthly payments will be made through direct deposit, paper check or through debit cards, the IRS announced. 

As many individuals can fall victim to scammers posing as the IRS, it is important to be wary of suspicious activity. 

“When it comes to the government being in the news, the scammers will likely use their standard playbook, meaning imposter scams may appear, with con artists pretending to “help you get your payments earlier, get more money, or commit identity theft,” President and CEO of BBB of Chicago and Northern Illinois, Steve Bernas said in a statement. 

How to avoid falling…

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