Ben McKenzie (left) played Ryan Atwood in the hit TV show “The O.C.”

  • A star from “The O.C.” has written an article slamming celebrities who push crypto coins on their fans.
  • Ben McKenzie, who played Ryan in the show, said the “Hollywoodization of crypto is a moral disaster.”
  • He said crypto is highly dangerous, and many celebrities are “promoting the financial equivalent of Russian roulette.”
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In the hit early-2000s TV show “The O.C.”, Ryan Atwood was a kid from the wrong side of the tracks with a strong moral compass.

Now Ben McKenzie, the actor who played him, has channeled Ryan and taken a principled stance on cryptocurrencies, criticizing his fellow celebrities for shilling risky tokens to unsuspecting amateur investors.

“The Hollywoodization of crypto is a moral disaster,” McKenzie wrote in an article in Slate on Thursday. The piece slammed celebrities…

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