“Property Brothers,” is by far one of the most famous shows on HGTV. The show has been around for years, and fans have been following brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott since the beginning. The entire premise of the show is to see these twin brothers work in the real estate design game, and the world has been in love since day one. Drew is the one with the real estate knowledge, and his brother Jonathan is the one with the construction knowledge. Together, they are able to help their clients find the home of their dreams – albeit one that might need a bit of work – and bring to life the vision they have when they first see their new home. These two made it big back in 2011, which means these two have been famous for a decade. Their fame has gone from one show to many, and they’ve been able to collaborate with some of the most famous people in the business. They’ve worked with other famous designers, they are recognized…

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