This date belongs to the race of the world, online hijacking accounts, stealing, and the numbers of their victims. First of all, they have to block the users ‘ access to their payment method, portfolios, e-commerce and social media accounts to where the phone number will be used to log in, or you use two-factor authentication. They were then approached for the job, the money, to be paid in cryptocurrencies, with the threat of the sale of the bills and other vital records associated with it, such as online credit card information. Less-organized hackers have access to that money from the victim’s bank account or wallet. Hackers are taking the SIM connections in one of three ways. The most common one is called “the replacement of the SIM card with the call. In this case, they are the first to gather information about the target audience of your last name, first name, physical address, telephone number, date of birth, a password, with…

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