But those words don’t paint the full picture.

On the left, there are Joe Manchin Democrats worried about the debt, Joe Biden Democrats looking to cement a legacy and Elizabeth Warren Democrats who want to change the fabric of society.

The same holds true on the right.

There are Donald Trump Republicans attacking democracy, Liz Cheney Republicans who are horrified and Mitch McConnell Republicans who just want to move on.

And what kind of Republican is Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska? She is supportive of abortion rights and voted to convict Trump at one of his impeachment trials. She announced Friday she’ll seek reelection as a Republican.

Different types of American political animals

An expansive new Pew Research Center survey, mostly conducted in July, breaks the American electorate into nine distinct groups, which Pew calls “political typology.” It’s something it’s produced periodically since the 1980s, but the findings released this…

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