Trying to buy a home in the frenzied real estate market in Massachusetts right now? Local real estate agents offered a number of tips:

1. Prepare To Waive Contingencies

Real estate contracts typically include a number of contingencies, such as the right to have an appraisal or inspection before closing on a home.

Greg Vasil, chief executive of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board, says buyers need to be more malleable now than ever — and that often means letting those contingencies go.

Sellers “are going to be looking for you to waive things, like the inspections, and that can be pretty scary because you can end up buying a house, and … you don’t have the financial resources to fix it,” Vasil said.

2. Check The Basement!

Vasil says waiving contingencies means you need to spot problems yourself when touring a home.

“Look at the real capital stuff,” he said. “Look as a builder, as an engineer, and not as somebody that’s got the Benjamin…

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