Real estate agents are not spies like James Bond. They’re not gods like Thor or space renegades like Han Solo. They’re not Old West cowboys or political leaders.

But they are, it turns out, in all sorts of movies.

Though agents may not have the kind of job that obviously translates into cinematic action, they’re both the background characters and protagonists of films in virtually every genre. Sometimes agents are villains, other times protagonists. But whatever the case, the profession has proven a rich well for screenwriters looking to explore ideas about love, death, home, aging, parenthood and more.

In honor of this Sunday’s Academy Awards, Inman decided to dive into cinema history and look at both the best and worst agents on screen. At the one end, there are agents who are literal monsters and murderers. And at the other, there’s a real life Dorian Gray.

A few notes, though. First, this list is not comprehensive….

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