Technology moves fast. Take it from me, a real-life technology expert! It moves so fast, in fact, that it’s impossible to keep on top of it all.

Podcasts can help, though. By bringing together experts to discuss what’s new and important, they’re like CliffsNotes for your ears. In that spirit, here are four tech-focused podcasts to keep you informed, make you smarter, and maybe even entertain you a bit.

One-stop shopping with the Daily Tech News Show

If you’re looking to make sense of the top tech stories of the day, Daily Tech News Show is the gold standard.

Episodes run a very familiar, evening-news-like 30 minutes and, as the name might suggest, drop daily. This isn’t just a reading of the headlines with no context, though: Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, and regular contributors and guests add a quick dash of insight and analysis to each story, making the experience equal parts efficient and rich.

Solving software with the…

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