It’s the most basic expectation that voters have of a politician: I voted for you … now go do what you said you would do.

So, when voters feel as though the politician for whom they voted isn’t delivering on what was promised — or isn’t doing much of anything — that’s when things get really dicey for the politician.

Which brings me to President Joe Biden and this quote from a Washington Post story detailing the mounting frustration swirling around him — particularly in the Black community, one of the pillars of the Democratic base:

“I think the frustration is at an all-time high, and Biden can’t go to Georgia or any other Black state in the South and say, ‘This is what we delivered in 2021.”

That’s W. Mondale Robinson, who runs the Black Male Voter Project out of Georgia. And while Robinson is talking about Black voters in particular, it’s a sentiment that appears to be growing among the broader electorate toward Biden too.

In a

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