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Exxon-Led Carbon Capture Project Is Key To Sustained U.S. Economic Growth

Oil refineries off of the Houston Ship Channel in Houston, TX Sept 29, 2014. Photo Ken Cedeno (Photo ... [+] by Ken Cedeno/Corbis via Getty Images) Corbis via Getty Images ExxonMobil XOM has always been a company that does things in a big way. As I detailed back in April when the company announced its plan for a...

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It’s advantage dollar, as currencies swing to the tune of central bank policies

Currency swings, notably in the second half of 2021, are being driven by various stances of global central banks. A soft August non-farm payroll report and a dovish speech from Fed Chair Jerome Powell at the Jackson Hole have taken some of the sting out of the dollar on the upside. Accordingly, the rupee outperformed most in Asian emerging market b...

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