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Indian-origin doc takes hostages in US, shoots self

HOUSTON: A 43-year-old Indian-American pediatrician diagnosed with terminal cancer shot dead a lady doctor and then killed himself after taking hostages at a medical office in Austin, according to police in the capital city of the US state of Texas.The armed man was identified as Dr Bharat Narumanchi, who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, police said, adding that he had recently been turned down for a volunteer position at the medical facility.Police received a call on Tuesday saying a man walked into the offices of Children’s Medical Group (CMG) with a gun and was holding hostages inside the building, the CNN reported, citing Austin Police Department press release.Initially several hostages were being held, police said, but several escaped and others were allowed to leave, except a pediatrician named Katherine Dodson.The hostages who escaped the office told officers on the scene that the man was armed with a pistol and what appeared to be a shotgun, police said. He also had two duffel bags. Dr Narumanchi had visited the CMG office a week prior to the shooting and applied for a volunteer position.The suspect had terminal cancer and had only been given weeks to live, Austin police Lt. Jeff Greenwalt

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PayMyTuition Eliminates Friction Within Student Payments in Canada With Launch of Interac Bulk e-Transfer Solution

– PayMyTuititon launches next-generation Interac bulk e-Transfer solution to revolutionize how universities and colleges make refund, bursary and financial aid payments TORONTO and JERSEY CITY, N.J., Jan. 28, 2021 /CNW/ — PayMyTuition, a leading provider of technology-driven global payment processing solutions for tuition payments, announced today the launch of its Interac bulk e-Transfer solution to eliminate complexities within the student payment process for Canadian educational institutions. This innovative solution will allow both universities and their students the simplicity of requesting and receiving funds for bursaries, student aid and refunds with full payment data and transfer transparency in less than 24 hours. When a domestic student requests a tuition refund, is awarded a bursary, or applies for financial aid, educational institutions undergo a large amount of paper pushing, data acquisition, and manual backend accounting updates and entries, all while incurring high processing fees to fulfill requests. Each process can last a tedious one to three weeks of processing to provide funds to the student. “By way of our newly developed Interac bulk e-Transfer solution, we can now enable colleges and universities to settle payment requests simply and easily in a matter of minutes, removing the friction that exists within the space today,”

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